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Smart climate control.

Do you like comfort? Air conditioners, split systems, underfloor heating, radiators - all these household appliances are present in every home, at least in a minimal set. Climate technology works hard to create a comfort zone for you.

At first glance, it seems that all these devices are created and work for the "good" of their owner. In fact, very often there is a situation of "uselessness" of such devices. When the heating system persistently heats the air, and the air conditioning system simultaneously cools the same air.

All appliances in the home need to be monitored and managed, and time is of the essence. With Smart Home, everything is simple. The house itself controls and manages the entire process.

The Smart Home controls the climate and creates an individualized environment for everyone.

Smart Home can maintain an individual climate in each room. The automatic control mode in the house regulates the temperature and humidity parameters. This saves you from manually adjusting the controls and switches.

Now all you need to do is set the temperature and humidity that is comfortable for you using a single control panel. The Smart Home will take over the climate control and manage the operation of all devices. The operation of climate control equipment will be regulated automatically, switching from day to night mode. At the same time, your Smart Home will take care of saving energy by switching all appliances to "economy" mode when you go on vacation.

Managing the climate wisely.

To get the most out of your climate control equipment, you need to have all the devices working together in a coordinated manner. Do you need to heat the air in the living room, is it too hot in the kitchen, or is the air in the nursery too dry? The optimal operation of all components of the climate system will allow you to maintain an individual climate zone in each room of the house. Your home turns into a separate world with its own climate, falling asleep in the absence of the owners and waking up when they appear.

The Smart Home system will take care of climate control. Your home monitors such parameters as:

  • air temperature,
  • humidity level,
  • air conditioning,
  • air filtration.
Your Smart Home will independently prepare the conditions for sleep, warm the room in the evening, and lower the temperature in the morning. You just need to set the temperature on the control panel.
Climate control and management in special rooms of the house. Ionize, ventilate, increase or decrease the temperature in the cellar, library, pantry. Simply set the climate conditions on the control panel.

Controlling ventilation depending on the temperature and humidity in each room - the climate control system will determine when to adjust (increase/decrease) the room temperature, humidity, and turn on or off the ventilation, knowing the predefined conditions for your comfort in the house. The system can be set to individual microclimate conditions for each room.

Controlling air ionization and ozonation - Your Smart Home will make sure that all rooms always have fresh, clean and healthy air. The system will determine when it is necessary to purify the air from bacteria, mold, unpleasant odors, or tobacco smoke by studying the habits of its owner. Smart Home will always take care of your well-being and healthy sleep.

Control and management of climate in special rooms - wine cellar, library, pantry and other specialized rooms in your home require special microclimate conditions. Your Smart Home will prevent your priceless collection of paintings or books from deteriorating by managing and controlling the microclimate conditions.

Climate control capabilities in the Smart Home:

Heating and cooling thresholds - each heating device has its own heating levels. With comfort and energy savings in mind, the automation decides which heating level to set for each device. This way, a comfortable temperature in your home is maintained in a consistent and economical manner.
Air conditioning - Smart Home manages the coordinated operation of air conditioners, split systems, and other heating and cooling elements without requiring your intervention.
Comfortable heating - automation controls radiators, underfloor heating and convectors. Different scenarios can be used. The Smart Home controls the air temperature in all rooms using heating stages:
  • The bedroom shouldn't be too hot, and the bathroom, on the contrary, should be warm;
  • no heating is needed in the corridors at all, and the living room would like cozy warmth while watching a favorite movie or receiving guests;
  • any of these temperatures can be changed during the day.

Ventilation - control and regulation of air supply and temperature. Turn on when the room is currently in use, turn off when you leave.

Humidity control - automation controls the coordinated operation of humidifiers and the ventilation system. A comfortable humidity level is maintained in each room.

Save money with comfort!

You always feel comfortable with your Smart Home. Are you often away from home, for example, on weekdays or only in the evenings? "Smart wiring will manage the operation of climate control equipment itself - it will switch from economy mode to normal mode before your arrival. It is enough to tell the system what you want via your cell phone, computer, iPad or iPhone. And everything will be ready for your arrival! Smart Home will allow you to save up to 40% on energy costs.

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