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Device Connections

Z-Wave modules can communicate with each other, as well as exchange data and
other information, both with the central controller and directly, without the involvement of the controller.
Each event can correspond to its own list of recipients, called a relationship group
(от англ. association).
Refer to the user manual of your Z-Wave controller to configure the connections.

SN-304 liaison groups:

Group 1 - "Lifeline" device (controller recommended) to which the reports will be transmitted
about changes in the module state.
Group 2 - "Basic Set" devices to which the "on/off" command is transmitted when changing
the status of the circuit breaker connected to terminal S1, the command received from
controller or related device in which this module is part of a group
The group size is 3 devices.
Group size - 1 device.
Group 3 - "Switch Multi Level Set" devices to which the "change" command will be transmitted
level" when holding the button of the switch connected to the contact S1 ,
a command received from a controller or associated device in which this
the module is composed in a group of links.
The group size is 3 devices.
Group 4 - "RGBW Sync" devices to which the "change color" command will be transmitted
received from the controller or associated device in which this module is installed
is a member of the communications group.

The group size is 3 devices.

Manufacturer's warranty.

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale. Products that were transported, stored, assembled and operated with violations of the requirements for these products, as well as having mechanical damage - warranty replacement is not subject to the warranty.

Do not use the unit in any way other than that specified in this manual. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any warranty in case of improper use, modification or painting of the device. Immediately after opening the package, be sure to check the device for damage. If there is visible damage, do not connect or use the device.

Briefly about the C-Home system

All C-Home devices use a reliable and completely safe radio channel, on the basis of which the modules are combined with each other in a single network, which allows you to receive and transmit control signals to other devices in the network, using intermediate neighboring nodes.

The C-Home system has the ability to automatically reconstruct data transmission routes, depending on external factors, for example, if there is an obstacle between two neighboring devices, the signal will go through other nodes in the network in range.

C-Home is a two-way network. The devices can not only send control commands, but also wait for confirmation of their delivery and query the current status of the device. If the sending was not successful, the system tries to send the command another way.

The central element of the C-Home network is the Butler, which stores information about the network topology. It allows you to add and remove devices from the network and control all devices remotely. Not only C-Home company devices, but also more than 4,500 devices of various types and manufacturers can be connected to the Butler, which enables the implementation of any home automation tasks. 

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