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Temperature sensor CH-S01

Temperature sensor CH-S01


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CH-S01 - is a wired temperature sensor that connects to the s-bus connector of some ConnectHome devices. The sensor's measurements, when paired with ConnectHome thermostats, will help you maintain a comfortable climate in your home.

The sensor is available in two versions:
1. In the housing for measuring air temperature

2. In the sleeve for measuring the temperature of underfloor heating and liquids



Warning! If necessary extensions S-Bus wires must be connected using an FTP network cable, no more than 50 m long, the wires must be soldered and insulated with heat shrinkage. In this case, the black and blue wires must be soldered to the wires of any twisted pair, the other wires of the network wire must be soldered to the S-Bus race wire.


Technical Specifications


Parameter Value
Device type Temperature sensor
Connection connector S-Bus
Maximum length of the s-bus line Up to 50m
Operating temperature -40 °C to 100 °C


Choosing a location for installation

CH-S01 - is a digital temperature sensor that can be used to measure the ambient indoor temperature. Depending on the environment of the intended use of the device the following are used recommendations for sensor placement (Fig. 1):

  • To measure the air temperature in the room, the sensor is installed at approximately 1,5 м from the floor and not less than 0,5 м from the corner of the room and at least 1 м from heat sources.
  • Avoid placing the sensor on exterior walls and walls that are poorly insulated, as well as near windows,
    doorways and other sources of drafts.
  • It is not recommended to install the sensor near heaters or other equipment that generates heat or cold during operation.
  • It is recommended to install the sensor in places with the least temperature changes during the day from heat sources not related to the heating system (sun, people, office equipment).
  • If necessary, you can lengthen the sensor wire using the recommendations (Fig.2)

Warning. Incorrectly installed control room temperature sensor leads to ineffective operation of the entire control system.

Warning! If necessary extensions S-Bus wires should be used FTP network cable, length not more than 50m, the wires must be soldered and insulated with heat shrink. The black and blue wires must be soldered to the wires of any twisted pair, the remaining wires of the network wire must be soldered to a different wire S-Bus. (Fig.2)


Manufacturer's warranty.

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale. Products that were transported, stored, assembled and operated with violations of the requirements for these products, as well as having mechanical damage - warranty replacement is not subject to the warranty.

Do not use the unit in any way other than that specified in this manual. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any warranty in case of improper use, modification or painting of the device. Immediately after opening the package, be sure to check the device for damage. If there is visible damage, do not connect or use the device.

Briefly about the C-Home system

All C-Home devices use a reliable and completely safe radio channel, on the basis of which the modules are combined with each other in a single network, which allows you to receive and transmit control signals to other devices in the network, using intermediate neighboring nodes.

The C-Home system has the ability to automatically reconstruct data transmission routes, depending on external factors, for example, if there is an obstacle between two neighboring devices, the signal will go through other nodes in the network in range.

C-Home is a two-way network. The devices can not only send control commands, but also wait for confirmation of their delivery and query the current status of the device. If the sending was not successful, the system tries to send the command another way.

The central element of the C-Home network is the Butler, which stores information about the network topology. It allows you to add and remove devices from the network and control all devices remotely. Not only C-Home company devices, but also more than 4,500 devices of various types and manufacturers can be connected to the Butler, which enables the implementation of any home automation tasks. 

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