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What is Z-wave?

The Z-Wave protocol is a wireless communication method that uses low-power radio waves. Z-Wave allows you to install a smart home system without running kilometers of wires. Thanks to miniature radio modules that can be placed even behind a light switch, the installation of the system has become much easier and does not require large material and time costs.

What does a smart home system consist of?

The system is quite simple, there is a Z-Wave controller that controls the entire system (the brain and heart of the system), as well as devices that are designed to perform a specific function or a number of functions. To get started with your smart home, you need to install the controller, connect the device and configure it in the controller (if necessary), after which your smart home is ready to go.

How many devices do you need to make your home smart?

There is a huge variety of devices, there is no need to buy all of them at once. You should identify for yourself the necessary tasks you would like to accomplish, for example, you can start with the lights in your home. To do this, you will need: Controller, motion sensor and dimmer. Then, if necessary, having the Controller, you can expand the capabilities, implement new functions in your smart home, complementing it like a puzzle. All of this can be done at any time convenient for you, because a smart home does not require repairs and wiring, you just need to connect a new device and add it to the controller.

Interaction with a smart home

You don't need to be a programmer or have any special skills to manage your smart home, interact with and configure devices. All interaction with the smart home is carried out using simple tools that are understandable to anyone: Web interface, application on the phone.

Advantages of Z-Wave

A single wireless device network

Z-Wave devices from different manufacturers are standardized, which allows them to work together in a single wireless network.

Easy installation and configuration of Z-Wave devices

Z-Wave devices do not require any additional wiring or changes to your home's existing electrical system. No special skills or equipment are required to install the devices, and even a layman can do it.

Proven and best smart home technology

The largest brands on the market use Z-Wave technology in their smart home products. There are already 70 million products installed in smart homes around the world.


Z-Wave technology uses the same encryption as online banking systems, making it a secure choice for your smart home, with 9 out of 10 leading security companies using Z-Wave technology.

Assortment and availability

You can start with minimal investment and gradually add more smart home automation products, of which there are more than 2000 thousand on the market. The products offer many options to suit your needs and budget.

Reliable communication between devices

Each of the smart home devices receives and transmits a signal at the same time, which ensures greater reliability of the entire network. The devices duplicate the signal, so even if one device fails, the network operates without interference or interruption. Furniture, walls, and any other obstacles do not interfere with the network. To expand the network coverage, you just need to add new devices.

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